Welcome to the home of Raffone Dessiné Legal Services

Raffone Dessiné is a small law firm offering personalized legal services in Business Law, Nonprofit Law, Risk Management, Government Contracts and Art Law. Kristin Raffone Vazquez is the President of Raffone Dessiné. As an entrepreneur herself, Ms. Vazquez understands the challenges and rewards of business ownership and management. Ms. Vazquez has provided legal counsel to start-up technology companies, local, national and international nonprofits, government contractors, professionals operating solo or small practices, and a variety of artists: painters, sculptors, writers, songwriters, and dancers. She takes the time to understand her client’s needs and looks at the big picture of a client’s goals, whether it be for a single project or the entire operations of a business.
Kristin Marie Raffone Vazquez, Esq. is the President and CEO of Raffone Dessiné, a legal services provider and is a member of the Utah Bar; Utah Minority Bar Association; Utah Lawyers for the Arts; Sandy Chamber of Commerce and Utah Technology Council. Ms. Vazquez is also a certified business and executive coach.
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