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art law

As an artist, I personally know and understand the passion that comes during the creation of a piece of art.  Whether your art form is painting, illustrating, pen and ink, sculpture, music, dance, writing, film or any of the many other wonderful forms of art, each art form adds to and reflects the culture within which it is created.

As owner of ART Discussion  (an innovative new gallery in Draper, Utah), I have first-hand experience in navigating legal issues in the fascinating world of art.  I generally represent artists and artist-owned galleries. My legal services are designed to assist you in navigating the multi-discipinary areas of the law that apply to the protection, regulation and marketing of your art in order to allow you the freedom to create.   Legal service offerings in my art law practice include:

  • Artist / Agent Representation and Contract Negotiation
  • Artist / Gallery Contract Negotiation
  • Trade Practices (Business Aspects of Art)
  • Intellectual Property
  • Artist Entrepreneurship

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